• Collins was no slam dunk to make it to the NBA

    From Yahoo! News -
    The Hawks' John Collins wasn't highly recruited, was snubbed for ACC Player of the Year and barely made the NCAA tourney. Tonight, he'll be in the ASG Slam Dunk Contest.
  • Why Flyers traded Anthony Stolarz to Oilers for Cam Talbot

    From Yahoo! News -
    Why Flyers traded Anthony Stolarz to Oilers for Cam Talbot originally appeared on Here comes number eight. The Flyers acquired Cam Talbot in a trade with the Edmonton Oilers Friday night in exchange for Anthony Stolarz, the Flyers' 2012 second-round selection (see story). The move means at some point the Flyers will become the first team in NHL history to start eight different goaltenders in one season after tying the 1989-90 Quebec Nordiques on Dec. 18.

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    Washington fires Romar! Wow.
    I’m beginning to wonder if Cameron Dollar might be on the radar now that Lorenzo is gone. Dollar might be able to keep Porter Sr. and his son. Hmmm…

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    Record 13 losses in a row for the Husky basketball team. Crisp looks like he may have improved a bit this year. He looked quicker and more decisive last night vs the Trojans. Hopefully, Crisp – Thybuile – Dickerson can gel with the incoming freshman next year to make a NCAA tournament run in 2018.

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    The way I see it…Romar currently has 3 players that can really play. Fultz, Dickerson, and Thybulle. Dime would be the 4th if he were healthy. Not sure why Romar has such a bad team.

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    Fultz is looking like he may be the #1 pick in the up coming NBA draft…bummer Chriss, Murray, Williams-Gross all left early. Romar needs to adjust his approach with recruiting all these one and done players.

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    This year’s Dawg team just can’t play any defense. Losing games against inferior opponents while shooting 50-55% from the field does not bode well for any success within PAC 12 play.

    I think Romar is now in jeopardy of losing his job.

  18. Fan

    What is up with Romar? His teams have changed so much over the last 5-6 years. If he thinks he can create, in Seattle, what Kentucky is doing (recruit a bunch of 1 and done players and win championships), he is delusional. Get back to recruiting kids like Brockman, Dentman, and/or Gant. These players will stay 4 years and will improve each and every year.

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    Well, I think my Dawgs need to win 3 games and get to the tournament championship to get an invitation to the big dance. Winning the conference championship is not necessary, but a title would be nice. Of course, the automatic bid to the Madness is the prize if they can win the Pac 12 tourney outright. Maybe playing games daily, without rest, could work in their favor. I think the sloppier the game gets the more success my young malamutes will have. Stanford, as well as all the Pac 12 teams will be a tough out this week. Go Dawgs!! I’ll be watching…

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    These huskies need to sweep the northern California schools to get back in the mix for a tourney bid. A 4-1 finish is possible assuming the Dawgs can also win 2 games in the Pac 12 tourney. 6-2 finish plus the current record of 15-10 would be 21-12, which happens to be my favorite RUSH album. That is what us husky fans should be expecting to make the big dance.

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    After beating the Colorado Buffaloes last night and achieving a first place 5-1 conference record, the young DAWGS have earned a RPI rating of 43. What this means is, at this time, the Huskies have earned a spot in the Big Dance!

  28. Fan

    A split in the desert can only be described as a successful trip. Although, getting blow out in the second half of the UA game was a little worrisome going forward, potentially showing a huge disadvantage against a bigger and more seasoned team. What can’t be overlooked is how hard and together Romars’ young team play. It seems like the team is getting better and if the Husky frontline can stay out of foul trouble and play a little smarter, good things can be in store for this team.

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