• Padres give Machado richest contract in U.S. sports

    From Yahoo! News -
    One half of the winter-long wait is over. Four-time All-Star Manny Machado has agreed to a 10-year, $300 million contract with the San Diego Padres.
  • Antonio Brown wants to be known as 'Mr. Big Chest' and he's ready for a new team

    From Yahoo! News -
    If your team got guaranteed money, they want to get to know me and work with me, tell them to call me. He kept going after that, continuing to tell teams with guaranteed money to call him and get to know him. He also kept up the quality self-motivational speaking, saying he's “still hungry,” he's “one of the greatest to ever do it,” and telling everyone that they were looking at a “man body.

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    What up Sun Devils! I predict the Devils win a high scoring game tonight. I see the score in the 40’s for both teams. ASU 47 Oregon 44. Both offenses will roll!