• Patrick Mahomes Took Right Approach With Reaction to Kareem Hunt Signing

    From Yahoo! News -
    Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes further demonstrated his leadership abilities with his reaction to Kareem Hunt's signing with the Cleveland Browns.
  • Rumor: Warriors “have internally mused” about run at Giannis Antetokounmpo in 2021

    From Yahoo! News -
    The Golden State Warriors have a plethora of superstars, so many in fact that the league has taken an extended break from believing they can win a championship, at least until Kevin Durant heads outside the Bay Area. Durant could be headed for the New York Knicks or some other such location this summer when he is a free agent. No doubt Golden State will want to retain Durant's services, but in the event that they are unable to do so, they need to look elsewhere to improve their team.

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    This is SPARTA! Lets hope Sparty can keep the game close with the Tide. Hopefully this game will be a repeat from last years CFB playoffs. Michigan State vs Oklahoma in National Championship Game with Oklahoma winning the Title.

  8. Foe
  9. Foe

    The Gators Defense will swallow up your running game. Henry finishes with only 35 yards on 20 carries. Florida scores on defense and special teams to win 20-17.

  10. Foe
  11. Foe

    OVERRATED! as usual

    SEC think:
    If Alabama wins… roll tide should be number 1 since they beat No. 2 LSU.
    If Alabama is No.1, then LSU should be No. 2.
    Remember the National Championship game that featured a Bama-LSU rematch. Whoopie Fricken Doo!!!

    1. Foe

      Well, the way LSU played and in no way can they reach the CFB playoffs, the LSU Tigers are officially out!

  12. Foe

    Hey Bama fans… I know you are getting nervous about this weekend with LSU coming to town, and the Tigers should make you more than a little nervous. Your worst nightmare however, is to win out and witness the Ole Miss Rebels also win out! Hehe That would be too bad! No Playoffs for you!