• Nuggets extend contracts for entire front office after impressive rise in Western Conference

    From Yahoo! News -
    The Denver Nuggets have rapidly transformed into a true threat in the Western Conference in recent years. Naturally, it's only right that the organization keep those in the front office who got them there. The Nuggets offered both president of basketball operations Tim Connelly and general manager Arturas Karnisovas contract extensions on Friday, the team announced.
  • Stephen Curry regrets putting daughter Riley in the NBA Finals spotlight

    From Yahoo! News -
    In 2015, Riley Curry became a star. The young daughter of Stephen Curry stole the show at the podium after a Golden State Warriors NBA Finals win, drawing the joy of Twitter and the ire of journalists working on deadline, unwelcoming of the distraction of a small child in their workplace. Now Curry regrets it.

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    Looking forward to the start of the NBA finals tonight. I think the difference, in the end, between these two teams will be the home court advantage that the Warriors own. I see Golden State winning a very close series, in seven games. This series should remind some of the 1980’s when the Celtics and the Lakers were battling each year for a championship. Bird vs Magic back then, a couple of 6-9 / 6-11 players who would absolutely dominate today’s NBA.

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