• Jordy Nelson “wasn't happy” to leave Packers, but just wants to move on

    From Yahoo! News -
    Wide receiver Jordy Nelson is set to play at Lambeau Field in 2019, but not as often as he would have liked. Nelson was released by the Packers last year and signed a two-year deal with the Raiders, who will pay a visit to Green Bay during the regular season. During a recent appearance on ESPN Wisconsin, Nelson was asked to revisit his feelings about his departure from the Packers after nine seasons.
  • Nathaniel Hackett: New system won't be a “start over” for Aaron Rodgers

    From Yahoo! News -
    Aaron Rodgers may have a whole new coaching staff to work with next season with the Green Bay Packers, but don't expect the offense to change too much under the new regime. According to, offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett said on Monday that the new coaching staff isn't looking to completely tear down the type of playbook that Rodgers has thrived in throughout his run as a starter in Green Bay. “You don't want to necessarily treat it as a start over because he's done so many great things,” Hackett said.

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