• Colin Kaepernick's lawyer predicts Panthers or Patriots will sign his client

    From Yahoo! News -
    The settlement between Colin Kaepernick and the NFL over his collusion suit has led to speculation over what's next. Kaepernick's lawyer Mark Geragos believes so and has pointed out a pair of landing spots he believes are likely. Reid, the Panthers safety who recently signed a three-year extension in Carolina, was a plaintiff alongside Kaepernick in the collusion case against the NFL.

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  1. Foe
  2. Foe

    I’m looking forward to the Seahawks/Panthers match up this weekend. It should be a great game, full of big plays, monster hits and big personalities. This Russell Wilson vs. Cam Newton rivalry is just getting started and should supplant Manning vs Brady as the next generations great quarterback match up. I believe Russell will be the better decision maker and the better passer and lead the Hawks to a close win in Charlotte. Look for Sherm to make a huge pick down the stretch.

  3. Foe

    The Panthers have opened up as a 3 point favorite. Seahawks are underdogs, just where they want to be with the idea that everyone is against them. That is when they are at their best. Go Hawks!

  4. Foe
  5. Foe